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Beihai Coastal Development Area

Beihai Coastal Development Area

Beihai Coastal Development Area is formed of four major districts, Yinhai, Hepu, Haicheng and Tieshangang, and it is an important international port serving to numerous trading companies. The proper business structure for international investors in China might be the wholly foreign-owned enterprise for 100% ownership and other benefits. If you are interested in opening a company in Beihai Coastal Development Area, you can get in touch with our team of company formation agents in China.

Short details about Beihai Coastal Development Area

Besides being a very much appreciated vacation destination in the northern part of Tonkin Gulf in China, Beihai is a well-developed business center with opened doors for local and foreign investments. Beihai is predicted to be one of the world’s fastest growing cities until 2020. Having large exits to the Sea of China, Beihai rapidly turned into a coastal development area and home to both local and foreign companies, mostly involved in the import and export businesses. Below you can find information and particularities about Beihai Coastal Development Area:

  1. Beihai is an important business hub and host to large IT companies from abroad.
  2. There are numerous companies manufacturing electronic components, storage devices, cable and wire in Beihai.
  3. There are numerous export processing zones in Beihai.
  4. Important electronic communication companies from abroad are found in Beihai.

Investment platforms in Beihai Coastal Development Area

Complete supporting facilities are provided for all companies activating in the industrial parks of Beihai Coastal Development Area. Beihai Tieshan Port, Guangxi Hepu Industrial Park, Agricultural Scientific & Technology Park, Guangxi Beihai Industrial Park, Longgang New Zone Beihai Tieshan East Port Industrial Park, and, Weizhou Island Tourist Zone are the most important industrial platforms in Beihai where international companies have established their business presence and manufacturing plants. In terms of facilities, the above-mentioned industrial parks provide a well-developed infrastructure, communication and transportation. The one-stop service is extremely appealing because foreign entrepreneurs can easily register their activities and operations in Beihai’s important industrial platforms. If you represent a company from overseas or if you would like to establish a new one, we invite you to talk to one of our company formation specialists in China and ask for complete support, and information.

If you would like to start a company in China, it is recommended to ask for specialized help from our local agents. The incorporation process can take around 3 months, but everything depends on the formalities, if these are respected. Articles of Association, the most important documents of the company, will be drawn up, and then a local bank account will be opened. Once these aspects have been worked out, we move on to the registration for the payment of taxes of the respective company.

Beihai Electronics Industrial Park to serve to companies in the future

The authorities have special plans for the future developments of Beihai Coastal Development Area and the target is to transform the area into an even more appealing and appreciated electronic manufacturing industrial base: Beihai Electronic Industrial Park. At the moment, large companies activating in the IT sector have their factories established in Beihai Electronics Industrial Park, among other important manufacturers with large profits all over the world.

How do I open a WFOE in Beihai?

A Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise in China is the ideal business structure for most of the activities in this country, including in Beihai, and it can be established with a minimum share capital of RMB 30,000 deposited in a local bank account. This is the limited liability company which can be entirely controlled by the foreign owners who want to start a business in China, including in Beihai. It is good to know that trading companies must receive special approvals from the State Administration of Industry and Commerce in China before running the activities in Beihai Coastal Development Area. Among the advantages of a WFOE in China we mention that such structure can be registered without the support of a local business partner. Also, the shareholders of a WFOE in China can easily repatriate the profits without any interdictions in this matter. You might find interesting the following information about the business and the investments in China:

  • USD 1097 billion represent the FDI flow for 2018 in China;
  • USD 107.66 billion represent the foreign investments made in China from January to October 2018;
  • More than 3,600 companies have been established in China from January to October 2018;
  • $2161.5 billion is the total value of imports and exports in China for the first 6 months of 2019.

Foreign investors who want to benefit from the advantageous business climate in Beihai Coastal Development Area can get in touch with our team of company formation representatives in China and find out more about the company formation in China.