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Company Formation in Ningbo

Company Formation in Ningbo

The attractiveness of the Chinese market is revealed by the stable economy and by the large opportunities of investments. Foreigners can easily decide for business in China’s main cities, among which Ningbo, one of the oldest cities and China and extremely representative in terms of business. We invite you to discover what types of companies you can open in Ningbo and the ways in which our company formation specialists in China can provide support.

Types of companies you can open in Ningbo

The Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise is the common business structure in China which can be easily registered in Ningbo. This kind of structure offers the possibility of owning all shares and having complete control in the firm, and it is known as a limited liability company. Foreigners can also set up partnerships, joint ventures, private enterprises, representative offices or can implement their activities as sole traders in China. Knowing the legislation and the requirements for each type of company available in China can help foreign investors establish their business presence in a fast manner and complete confidence. Our company incorporation agents in China are at your disposal with information and guidance in matters of company formation in China. We can handle the registration procedures with the authorities in Ningbo.

Can I establish a subsidiary in Ningbo?

Yes, overseas companies can easily register subsidiaries in Ningbo, China, if they follow a few requirements in this matter. A subsidiary is an independent legal entity which can operate under the rules of limited liability companies and which can be registered if the Articles of Association, the Memorandum of Association and the declaration of establishing a subsidiary issued by the foreign company are provided to the local Trade Register in Ningbo. A minimum share capital of CNY 30,000 is necessary for registering a subsidiary in Ningbo. If your subsidiary will have activity in the food and beverage sector, automotive, construction, tourism or real estate, then specific licenses and permits will have to be obtained. Please talk to our consultants in this matter.

Can I open a branch in Ningbo?

Yes, companies from abroad can open branches in Ningbo if they will operate the same activities as the parent company. The incorporation procedure of a branch is approximately the same as for a subsidiary in China, however, it is best to observe the regulations imposed if it will be established in the banking sector in China for which special licenses and permits must be issued. You may get in touch with us for complete assistance in establishing a branch in China.

Company formation services we can provide in Ningbo

Our company formation representatives in China can help foreign investors open companies in Ningbo and can act on behalf of their firms if they cannot be present at the time of incorporation. We can also be the representative agents for your firm in Ningbo, so feel free to address your inquiries in this direction. The following services are at your disposal at any time you wish to register a company in Ningbo:

  • we can handle the registration procedures with the competent authorities in Ningbo;
  • help for business licenses and permits applications is offered to foreign investors;
  • if you are interested in establishing a representative office (RO) in Ningbo please talk to our consultants;
  • we can provide business consulting services and we can help you with tax registration matters;
  • tax advice and accounting services can be offered by our experienced team of specialists in this important field;
  • you can also purchase virtual office packages if you do not intend to set up a traditional office in Ningbo.

We kindly invite you to get in touch with our company formation experts in China and find out more about the company formation services you can receive in Ningbo.

Short facts about the economy of Ningbo

Ningbo is one of the busiest port-cities in the world, providing complete access to countries worldwide when it comes to import and export activities. It is a well-known and appreciated city for the export of industrial tools, textiles, electrical products, and varied food products which supply numerous countries. In terms of investments, there are many free trade zones in Ningbo which provide the necessary support and environment for many foreign entrepreneurs. Preferential policies implemented by the Chinese government are meant to attract foreign investors on a large scale in areas like manufacturing, IT, telecommunication and energy, a few of the city’s prolific sectors. Ningbo National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Ningbo Daxie Development Zone, Nordic Industrial Park, and Ningbo Free Trade Zone are important free zones established in the ‘90s and highly appreciated since then.

Feel free to contact our team of company formation agents in China and ask for support in matters of company formation in Ningbo.