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Company Formation in Tianjin

Company Formation in Tianjin

Found in the northern part of China, Tianjin is the second administrative center after the central Chinese government and an important province that hosts numerous businesses. The company formation in Tianjin is available for both domestic and foreign investors who want to set up their operations in China’s diversified and well-developed sectors. Whether you would like to activate in the manufacturing sector, IT, agriculture or energy, it is best to observe the rules in this matter and to solicit complete information and assistance. Our company formation specialists in China are at your services with support in matters of company registration in Tianjin.

Can I open a WFOE in Tianjin?

Yes, a WFOE (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise) is the most common business structure that allows complete ownership and control to foreigners. This type of entity functions under the rules of a limited liability company for which a series of documents are necessary, among which, are the Articles of Association and the Memorandum of Association. A minimum share capital of CNY 30,000 needs to be deposited in a Chinese bank account at the time of WFOE formation in Tianjin. Moreover, a representative agent will have to be appointed for your WFOE in Tianjin only if he/she or she has residency in China. We mention the fact that our team of consultants can successfully represent your company in Tianjin and can also take care of the requirements involved in company registration with the authorities in charge. 

Foreigners who want to open a company in China can benefit from the services offered by our specialists with experience in this field. Among the formalities imposed, we mention the opening of a bank account, the preparation of the company’s founding documents, and the application for the desired business license. Moreover, the registration of the company for the payment of taxes can be done with our help.

Other types of companies you can open in Tianjin

Besides a WFOE in Tianjin, entrepreneurs can decide on other structures too. For example, they can enter partnerships, form private enterprises, settle representative offices, act as sole traders or decide on joint stock companies. The proper business structure will depend on the potential of the activities and the development plans. In any case, changing the legal structure is an easy procedure for which complete assistance is provided by our team of company incorporation agents in China. It is good to know that the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China is the institution that issues the registration certificates for newly-established companies in the country. We are at your disposal with support in company formation in China.

Looking for accountants in China? Our experts can successfully manage all procedures related to bookkeeping, payroll, audits, tax registration, annual financial statements, administration of human resources, and more. It is recommended to collaborate with a specialized company in this regard, instead of opening an entire accounting department because the services have affordable costs. Contact us today to benefit from a personalized offer.

Can I purchase a shelf company in Tianjin?

Yes, if you would like to avoid the procedures of company formation in Tianjin, although these are less bureaucratic, you may purchase a ready-made company. This is already registered, and it is at the disposal of foreign entrepreneurs at any time. Being kept on a shelf for a few years and having no activities and therefore no debts make a shelf company the proper choice for numerous activities in Tianjin. More than that, such a company presents more credibility in front of financial institutions and can help entrepreneurs easily receive credit loans for future business investments. Let us present you the ways in which you can buy a shelf company in Tianjin, a procedure which can take approximately two days or less, as soon as the ownership documents are transferred and signed.

Subsidiaries and branches in Tianjin

Large companies from abroad can decide on establishing branches and subsidiaries in a fast and reliable manner, with complete guidance offered by our team of consultants in Tianjin. A subsidiary is an independent legal entity compared to a branch for which the parent company is fully responsible. Such entities can run under the rules of limited liability companies or joint stock companies if large businesses are involved. If you would like to know the rules for establishing a branch or a subsidiary in Tianjin, feel free to address your inquiries to our team of agents. You can also solicit legal advice from our local team of attorneys in China.

Company formation services we can offer in Tianjin

Our company formation agents in China can help foreign investors easily establish their business presence whether in Tianjin or in other provinces, in respect with the state and local legislation. Here are the company formation services we can provide in Tianjin:

  • you can receive support for special licenses and permits applications;
  • we can handle the registration protocols with the entitled authorities in Tianjin;
  • we can provide support if you decide on opening a representative office;
  • you can also purchase virtual office packages and benefit from a notable business address in Tianjin;
  • tax advice and business management are offered on request;
  • you can also solicit accounting services for your business in Tianjin;
  • support in documents preparation is provided as soon as you decide on the type of company you are interested.

If you want to receive company formation services in Tianjin, we kindly invite you to contact our team of company formation agents in China.