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Company Formation Services in Guangzhou

Company Formation Services in Guangzhou

Guangzhou has a history of more than 2,000 years and was a major trading point of the maritime Silk Road. The city is still representative in import and export activities and the third largest metropolis in China, offering a multitude of opportunities for both nationals and foreigners. The rapid economic development of Guangzhou placed the city among the most prosperous ones in China. Entrepreneurs from abroad can set up companies in China and benefit from the company formation services in Guangzhou offered by our team of specialists in company incorporation in China.

Types of companies available for incorporation in Guangzhou

The wholly-foreign owned enterprise or the WFOE in China is the most popular business entity in this country and a suitable form for most activities a foreigner wants to establish. This can be established through a limited liability company in Guangzhou with complete support offered by our team of advisors in China. Entrepreneurs can also set up limited and general partnerships, branches, subsidiaries, or representative offices in Guangzhou. We are at your disposal with the following company formation services in Guangzhou through our local representatives:

  • assistance in company registration with the authorities in charge;
  • documents preparation for your future business in China;
  • guidance in tax registration (social security contributions, VAT)
  • tax advice;
  • business management;
  • accounting services for your company;
  • company liquidation if it is the case.

For legal support in company incorporation in China, you may address our Chinese local lawyers at any time.

We recommend you collaborate with our accountants in China and contract the necessary services. A company needs payroll services, bookkeeping, preparation of annual financial statements, audits, tax registration, complete financial reporting, and more. Our specialists are also the ones who can successfully manage all tasks related to human resources administration. But in order to get a correct idea about the services we can offer you, please contact our company, by phone or online.

Economy facts about Guangzhou

Guangzhou is part of the Pearl River Delta, one of the most prolific manufacturing and commercial region in China. The rapid industrialization of Guangzhou stands at the base of the flourishing economy in China. The import and export sector, manufacturing, agriculture, financial services, IT, engineering, energy, and tourism are extremely developed in Guangzhou sectors which generate large profits. There are numerous large corporations with establishments in the industrialized part of the city of Guangzhou because the business conditions are favorable in this sense and allow the business to extend not on a local plan but also outside Chinese borders.

The formalities for setting up a company in China are not complex and you can collaborate with one of our local agents. You will need a representative when setting up the company. also, there is no need to travel to this country because the electronic signature is accepted. Once the documents are accepted and the business license is obtained, you can start your activities in China.

If you want to benefit from the company formation services in Guangzhou, please feel free to contact our team of company formation agents in China.