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Create a Website in China

Create a Website in China

Opening a website in China means considering a few steps linked to the registration and licensing in this matter. A business established online may represent the proper solution for foreign entrepreneurs looking to thrive in this extremely developed domain. We invite you to talk to our team of company formation agents in China and find out complete information about how you can create a website for your business in this country. We can handle the registration procedures with the authorities in charge.

What are the main steps for opening a website in China?

The creation of a website in China starts with the hosting account and the companies that offer this kind of services. The .cn domain is available for websites in mainland China if the company has establishments in this country. The registration process of your website will depend on the type of structure you choose, whether a WFOE in China or a sole proprietorship, in order to properly commence the activities on the internet. The following steps are required when creating a website in China:

  • a real-name verification is necessary in order to see its validity and to register it with the authorities in charge;
  • the ICP (Internet Content Provider) license is necessary for commercial activities on the internet;
  • a .cn TLD (top-level domain) registration is necessary for activating with your website in mainland China;
  • a legal entity for your online company needs to be registered.

We invite you to talk to our specialists in company formation in China and find out complete information about how to start a business in China, whether with online activities or not.

Payment methods for your online business in China

If you have decided on an online company and you intend to add goods and services for selling purposes, it is suggested to offer online payment methods. A merchant account is necessary for your website, in order to allow customers to make the payments with the help of credit cards. Also, it is recommended to consider the possibility of paying in multi-currencies, if your website will address to worldwide clients.

Feel free to contact our team of company incorporation agents in China and ask for details about how to open a company in China, and about how to create a website linked to your activities.