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Fujian Free Trade Zone

Fujian Free Trade Zone

The business direction of foreigners is relatively straightforward, meaning that the international investors are very much interested in a great taxation system, a reputable financial center for their operations and the ease of registration procedures for companies. All these can be found in Fujian free trade zone, an important pilot zone for business in China. Those looking to incorporate a company in Fujian free trade zone should solicit the assistance of our team of company formation agents in China who can handle and oversee the registration procedures involved.

The features of Fujian free trade zone

Inaugurated in 2014, Fujian free trade zone is made of 6 important zones, each of them destined to varied operations related to tourism, investments and trading activities. The one-form application system implemented in Fujian free trade zone simplifies the registration procedure of a company for international investors. Here are a few important features of Fujian FTZ:

  • once the registration of the company is made online, the entrepreneurs will simply pick-up the business license;
  • a pre-entry inspection and quarantine is made at the time the imported products enter this zone;
  • the main focus of this area is China-Taiwan financial and trading services;
  • investors can set up companies in manufacturing, can offer professional services or can activate in aviation;
  • there are simplified procedures related to the customs clearance, especially for Taiwanese products.

Even though there are fewer formalities connected to the registration of a company in Fujian FTZ, it is recommended to ask for complete support from our specialists in company formation in China. Our team is at the disposal of foreigners who would like to start a business in Fujian FTZ or in any trade zone. You can also open a WFOE in China and find out how we can help you in this matter.

Setting up a company in Fujian FTZ

Foreign investors are allowed to open WFOEs (sometimes incorrectly WOFEs) and joint ventures and can be involved in shipping management companies, offshore call center businesses, and telecommunication. Professional accountants can set up their operations in Fujian FTZ and foreign entrepreneurs can direct the attention to e-commerce activities. Also, banks from abroad can easily establish branches and subsidiaries in Fujian FTZ, deal with foreign currencies and make international payments. Joint venture fund management companies can be established by investors from Taiwan who can own more than 50% in the firm. In the case of WFOEs, the registration is simple as long as the Company Act is respected.

The Articles of Association are the company’s main documents with complete information about the owners, the domicile, the business’s name, activities, management, and liabilities in the firm. Also, the company needs to register for tax purposes and align with the requirements in this matter. You should also solicit the services of an accountant in China if you decide to open a company in Fujian FTZ that can provide you with tax advisory, cross-border investment tax structure services, tax declarations, and personal tax planning. We remind you that our team of company incorporation representatives in China is at the disposal of foreign investors who want to start a business in China and need support in matters of formalities with the free trade zones in China.

Performances of Fujian FTZ

Being focused on investors from Taiwan (but not limited to them), Fujian free trade zone is well-placed and appreciated among the special economic zones in China, showing positive results in terms of business. Entrepreneurs benefit from convenient customs clearance of Taiwan commodities. Moreover, the certificate submission for the import of Taiwan commodities is issued online, cutting down more of the formalities involved. The Chinese authorities have developed business relations with the Taiwanese ones, enabling trade facilitation measures when testing the products before they enter Fujian FTZ. In terms of numbers, approximately 25% represents the import and export trade ratio in Fujian for the first 6 months of 2017. In short conclusion, the Fujian-Taiwan economic cooperation continues to flourish and to gain confidence and reputability among business owners who decide for free trade ones when it comes to their operations.

International investors can open a WFOE in China and easily develop their business in this country. The formalities are quite simple and you will need to open a bank account for minimum share capital and future financial operations, support for registration for tax payment, and obtain a business license. Such a process of opening a company can take around 3 months, but you can find out more by contacting our specialists.

We kindly invite you to get in touch with our team of company formation agents in China if you want to open a company in Fujian free trade zone. We can help you open a WFOE in China and provide assistance for the entire incorporation procedure.