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Guangdong Free Zone

Guangdong Free Zone

China is a solid and extremely appreciated business destination that hosts thousands of companies, whether established by domestic entrepreneurs or from overseas. The Special Economic Zones in China are free-market oriented and benefit from flexible policies and excellent economic management systems. Guangdong Free Zone provides a multitude of advantages for foreign businessmen, among which, important connections to business hubs around the world. Those wanting to establish their operations in Guangdong FZ should talk to one of our specialists in company formation in China and find out more about the formalities involved. A WFOE in China is normally the best business choice for foreign investors in this country, including in Guangdong, one of the special economic zones of the country.

Short details about Guangdong FTZ

Officially launched in 2015, Guangdong is found in the northern part of Guangzhou province, it covers approximately 60 square kilometers and it is divided into 7 major functional areas: Port Cluster, Pearl Bay Start-up Cluster, Nansha Hub Cluster, Qingsheng Hub Cluster, Nansha Bay Cluster, Jiaomen River Central Cluster, and Wanqingsha Bonded Port Manufacturing Cluster. The land market and facilities in Guangdong FTZ are also in the attention of two important markets nearby, Macau and Hong Kong.

What are the authorities supervising Guangdong FTZ?

Trading companies in Guangdong Free Zone must pay attention to a series of regulations like the State Council’s Reply on the Development Planning of Guangzhou or the Agreed matters to Support the Development of Nansha New District, and respect the rules imposed by the following authorities:

1. Inspection and Quarantine in Supporting the Development of Nansha New District.

2. The General Administration of Customs’ Decisions in Introducing Preferential Policies of Nansha New District.

3. The Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Reference.

4. Innovation Systems on Inspection and Quarantine in Guangdong Free Zone.

It is important to know that investors from abroad can easily open a WFOE in China (Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise), the proper business structure for operations in Guangdong Free Zone. Having complete ownership in the company matters in large percent for business persons who are interested in expanding their portfolios in China is a great advantage. For a minimum share capital of CNY 30,000, your WFOE can be established in China, bearing in mind all the requirements in this sense, with complete support offered by our team of consultants in China.

Development goals of Guangdong FTZ

Guangdong Free Trade Zone serves both mainland China and cross border trading, and focuses on establishing an important business collaboration with Hong Kong and Macau, two special zones for which there is a need for advantageous economic developments. The Chinese authorities already offer investment and trading facilities for all foreigners looking for international business standards, through Guangdong FTZ. In this sense, the state Council imposed the Special Administrative Measures on Foreign Investment Access aiming the tax-related matters, special business procedures, company registration, financial matters and many more. The areas in Guangdong FTZ are extremely developed from a technological point of view, providing a series of innovative solutions, modern logistics, and warehousing for all businessmen from abroad. If you want to register a company in China, please do not hesitate to talk to our experts and find out more about the ways we can help. It is important to have an experienced team by your side and skip all the possible misunderstandings that might occur in matters of registration with the Chinese authorities.

What types of activities can I establish in Guangdong FTZ?

GDFTZ provides numerous business opportunities for domestic and foreign investors in China, mostly related to shipping logistics, warehousing, international shipment, and foreign trading. There are numerous e-commerce businesses established in Guangdong FTZ that enjoy the facilities provided in terms of logistics and warehousing. Moreover, the authorities Guangdong are looking to implement more facilities for international investors in sectors like health, education, and training, aiming the expansion of creative industries and ways to develop the technological and scientific R&D sector in this important trade zone.

Let us mention you that you can get in touch with our team of company incorporation experts in China and solicit complete support for company formation in China. We are at your disposal with assistance in opening a company in Guangdong FTZ.