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Import and Export in China

Import and Export in China

The economic relations of China expanded worldwide and transformed the country into a global leading partner alongside the US. The import and the export sectors in China are not only prolific but they develop and high speeds each year. A company in the import and export sectors in China may represent a suitable and prosperous business, and for more details in this matter, you can get in touch with our team of company formation agents in China

Imports in China

China has significant trading partners worldwide, like Japan, South Korea, USA and the European Union, the latter one representing 12% of the total imports, summing up approximately USD 213 billion. As for Japan, this represents 9.8% of the imports in China. According to statistics, China’s imports summed up about USD 1,960 billion only in 2016. Among the items imported by China, we mention the industrial equipment and the electrical machinery. Chemicals, vehicles, medical and technical equipment are also some of China’s imported items.

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The exports in China

China exports a wide range of products worldwide and has important trading partners like the Asian countries (more than 49% of the exports are directed here), valued at approximately USD 1,100 billion only for 2016. The USA, the EU, South Korea, Russia, Japan, and Australia are top Chinese export partners. Crude oil, textiles, furniture, electrical and mechanical products, high tech items, footwear are exported products on an international scale.

Import and export conditions in China

The trading sector in China must respect a series of conditions imposed by the Foreign Trade Law, such as:

  • the licensing matters for all goods which enter or leave China;
  • the quarantine inspection extremely necessary before entering or leaving China;
  • electronics and machinery are subject to a licensing verification in China;
  • the import taxes and duties need to be paid before introducing the products on the market.

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