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Nantong Coastal Development Area

Nantong Coastal Development Area

The coastal development areas in China are among the preferred business destinations for both domestic and international entrepreneurs who want a fast implementation and development of their activities. Nantong Coastal Development Area can be the proper starting point for young or experienced investors from abroad. We invite you to talk to our team of company formation specialists in China and find out complete information about how you can set up a firm in this country.

Short facts about Nantong Coastal Development Area

Found in the northern part of Yangtze River, Nantong has an important history behind, mostly related to the fast development and the trading activities on the coastal areas. The excellent business relations with countries abroad made Nantong a significant port city where a large percentage of investments have been easily implemented. Here are a few facts to consider about Nantong:

  • In recent years, Nantong registered the highest GDP growth in the entire country.
  • Nantong Coastal Development Area was established for investment purposes in 2005.
  • The textile industry is the most prolific one in Nantong.
  • Nantong has 8 country-level divisions, each of them being administered individually.
  • Gangzha district, Ruding city, Rugao city, Chongchuan District, Qidong city, Tongzhou district, Hai’an city and Haimen city are business centers in Nantong.

In most cases, a WFOE in China is the preferred business entity for international investors in this country. The same structure is recommended for Nantong Coastal Development Area especially for the benefits involved, such as complete control in the company or tax exemptions. Our Chinese company formation representatives are at your service if you would like to start a business in China, including in Nantong.

The modern industry in Nantong

The collapse of the Qing Dynasty was the starting point of Nantong’s development, particularly for modern industry. Agriculture played a key role in the expansion of the Nantong Coastal Development Area as numerous farms and companies appeared in this important sector. This place was the first one where the cotton industry developed, and therefore the textile industry. 

China is among the countries with a huge potential for investments and returns in line with expectations. If this destination is on your list, you can open a company in China, with specialized help provided by our local agents. You will need a representative for the company, who will take care of the establishment formalities. Also, the company can activate when it already has an open bank account, a matter where you can solicit assistance.

Short facts about the industrial zones in Nantong

The main industries in Nantong are related to the production of salt, cotton, organic foods, rice, fishing, cereals and many more. Being one of the most important port cities in China, it was quite simple to establish international business connections, and the industrial zones met important developments and significance in the past few years:

1. Nantong Export Processing Zone – makes important connections between the southern and the northern parts of Nantong. Most of the companies deal with IT and communication.

2. Nantong Economic & Technological Development Area – provides excellent transportation facilities and it is home to companies manufacturing fine chemicals, new materials, medicines and many more.

3. Nantong Binhai Park – it is home to companies activating in logistics, advanced materials, maritime & offshore, electronics. The excellent transportation facilities are a plus.

4. China Singapore – it is a joint venture between Nantong and Suzhou at it is meant to transform into an International Enterprise Park and Eco-Friendly city in Yangtze Delta.

Regardless of the industrial zone you wish to do business in, we recommend you get in touch with our team of company formation representatives in China and ask for support and assistance. Company formation in China is not a complex procedure, however, you should talk to our consultants at any time.

Types of companies in Nantong

Entrepreneurs from abroad might be interested in companies dealing with ship repairs considering the trading activities in the coastal area of Nantong. Also, business persons might be interested in cloth and garment manufacturing, electronics, textile and raw materials manufacturing, pharmaceutical products and many more. The construction sector is also appealing to international investors interested in developing such companies dealing with construction materials for export activities at an international scale. It is good to that foreign business persons have the opportunity of establishing and living in the metropolitan area with their families, bearing in mind the business and family visas plus the needed residence permits. This is often the choice of investors wanting to have a close eye on the business and also live in the country.

For more details about Nantong Coastal Development Area, please feel free to contact our team of company formation agents in China.