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Obtain Business License in China

Obtain Business License in China

A business license in China can be obtained for future commercial activities in this country, taking into account the formalities offered by the China Administration for Industry and Commerce. As these may seem complicated for foreign investors, they can turn to our company formation agents in China who can successfully manage the preparation of the necessary documents. Discover in the following lines some information about how you can obtain a China business registration certificate for your company.

Formalities for a business license in China

A business license in China is valid for companies operating in Mailand and China. This document certifies that you can develop the desired activities, with the necessary approvals from the authorities. Let’s review some of the most important formalities:

  • The application for the China business registration certificate begins with the preparation of the documents of the company you own. Among them, is the Certificate of Incorporation.
  • The presence of the legal representative of the company is required for various signatures, plus stamping.
  • You must present a document in which you describe in detail the activities of the company, as well as its purpose.
  • Applicants must prove that they have declared the registered capital of the company.
  • The business tax registration certificate is also required at the time of application for a business license in China.
  • The authorities also ask for the social security registration certificate to prove that you have paid the related taxes for the employees you have.

It is important to state that the application can be done online, allowing candidates to upload all documents and use a digital signature. But as some formalities can take up time, as well as the translation and legalization of documents, it is better to contact one of our company formation specialists in China. We can help you obtain a China business registration certificate.

The content of a business license in China

The business license in China includes a series of interesting information and must be displayed in the company. Among the details written on the business licence in China, we mention the type and name of the company, the registration number, the address of the company, the name of the legal representative, the date of establishment, the registered capital, the activities of the company as well as the license expiration date. It is mandatory that all these data can be found in the China business registration certificate so that the company can be identified more easily, in case of verification. In addition, once you have a business license in China, clients will have more confidence in the company you own and thus demonstrate that the business is legal. Here are other details that a business license in China must contain:

  • National red emblem with 5 stars on A3 official business license in China.
  • A4 official business license in China without the red emblem.
  • QR code for a quick check.
  • The office that issued the business licence in China.

Investing in China is always a good option for foreigners

China represents one of the world’s strongest economies and attracts a large number of foreign investors every year. If you also want to open a company and apply for a China business registration certificate, you can discover some interesting statistical data:

  • The gross domestic product was approximately USD 14.7 trillion in 2020.
  • Total FDI for China in the same year was around USD 1.918 billion.
  • Guangdong registered an 8% economic growth in 2021.

Looking for a business licence in China? You are invited to contact our local agents in China and benefit from complete services.