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Obtain Citizenship in China

Obtain Citizenship in China

The Nationality Law of the Peoples’s Republic of China oversees the ways in which foreigners can become citizens of this country. The criteria for obtaining citizenship in China will depend on specific requirements like having relatives in this country or being married to a Chinese citizen. Foreign investors who want to do business in China or who want to obtain Chinese citizenship can address their questions to our team of consultants in company formation in China.

Who handles the naturalization procedure in China?

The Immigration Department in China through the local offices handles immigration matters plus the applications for obtaining citizenship in China, in respect to the Chinese Nationality Ordinance of the Laws of Hong Kong.

The latest statistics dated from 2017 show that around 1,570 foreigners gained citizenship in China, representing quite a record given the fact that such status is not granted that easily.

Who can obtain Chinese citizenship in 2023?

Any individual having relatives in China, or who are settled in a specific area for a couple of years can qualify for Chinese citizenship. Other legitimate reasons can be provided to the authorities when applying for citizenship in China in 2023. You might want to observe the following aspects when making an application for naturalization in China:

  • the citizenship by descent is granted notwithstanding the country of birth;
  • the legitimate reasons may involve the individuals who had Chinese citizenship at a certain point and who are interested once again in naturalization;
  • Chinese citizenship is also granted to persons living in Macau and Hong Kong, two administrative regions of China;
  • it is good to know that dual citizenship is not permitted in China.

Persons interested in obtaining citizenship in China should seek legal advice and information, in order to properly make the application in this sense. Feel free to talk to our team of company formation specialists in China and ask for assistance in business registration in 2023 and many more.

The Chinese Law on Citizenship does not recognize dual citizenship, however, exceptions apply in the case of Hong Kong due to its independence. As such, permanent residents in Hong Kong are considered Chinese citizens if they have Chinese ancestry and other foreign citizenship.

Restoration of Chinese nationality

The Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China handles the cases in which individuals are interested in recovering Chinese citizenship in 2023. Specific examinations are handled by the above-mentioned authorities who also make the approvals for naturalization.

The Chinese immigration Department manages the citizenship applications of foreigners interested in naturalization. The authorities require legitimate reasons for citizens who want to obtain Chinese citizenship.

We invite you to talk to our specialists in company formation in China if you are a foreign investor who is interested in doing business in this country in 2023. Also, you can solicit information about how you can obtain citizenship in China, so please feel free to contact us.