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Open a Restaurant in China

Open a Restaurant in China

Even if buying, renting or building a restaurant in China might be challenging, this doesn’t mean that you cannot have success in the food and beverage sector. Knowing the Chinese culture, having an idea about the expectations and considering the costs for opening a restaurant in China will help an investor thrive in this industry. A WFOE in China is the proper structure for foreigners looking to start a business in a form of a restaurant, in a country known as a big consumer market. Our company formation agents in China are at your disposal with assistance at the time of company incorporation in China if you are interested in opening a restaurant in China.

Who issues the licenses for a restaurant in China?

The Administration of Industry and Commerce is in charge of licensing and registering your restaurant which will run under the rules of WFOEs. You should talk to our advisors in order to have a clear idea about how you can set up a business in the food and beverage sector in China.

What other requirements are imposed on opening a restaurant in China?

When opening a restaurant in China, it is mandatory to consider a few important steps and bear in mind that the process might be complex and might take a while before the final procedures cover the incorporation of the business:

  • the health and food hygiene licenses (food production, food distribution, catering) need to be obtained once several inspections are made by the authorities;
  • if your restaurant will serve alcohol, a permit registration is mandatory;
  • the Environmental Protection Bureau will issue the approvals if the location respects the environmental regulations;
  • the equipment in the restaurant needs to respect the standards imposed by the Chinese authorities.

Running through all bureaucratic matters for your restaurant in China can be time-consuming which is why we recommend you address to our company incorporation specialists in China who can offer not only support but also recommendations when it comes to choosing the location for your bistro, or accounting services on request.

Please feel free to contact our team of company formation consultants in China for assistance in opening a restaurant in China.