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Selling Tobacco in China

Selling Tobacco in China

In terms of numbers, China is by far the biggest tobacco products manufacturer, with a 42 percent on a global scale. The industry is thriving for many years, and the largest producer, the China National Tobacco Corporation supports the government’s taxes for approximately 10%, the company representing a huge source of incomes due to tobacco taxes. Considering this data, selling tobacco in China is for certain a proper business choice, no matter if you decide on tobacco shops where you can sell cigarette products from China or from abroad. If you are interested in such type of company, we invite you to talk to our team of company incorporation agents in China and find out information about the requirements in this sense.

Who controls the tobacco industry in China?

The existing tobacco legislation, the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Tobacco Monopoly, is applied by the Chinese Association on Tobacco Control that oversees the businesses in this industry, whether as producers or as retailers. 

China is an ideal business destination for those who want to expand their portfolio in this country and enjoy investment returns. Thus, you can open a company in China with the help of our agents with experience in this field. The establishment formalities can be managed in a relatively short time, but it is important to consider opening a bank account, as well as the necessary documents required by the authorities.

What are the main regulations for opening a tobacco shop in China?

Foreigners or locals who would like to open a cigarette shop in China need to fully comply with the requirements in this sense, and the most important ones are the following:

  • a WFOE in China addresses to foreign entrepreneurs who want complete control of their business, including the one for selling tobacco;
  • a license is necessary for selling tobacco products from outside Chinese borders;
  • all the tobacco products should respect the advertising rules like healthy warning pictures;
  • the tobacco shop cannot serve minors, as it is banned by the law;
  • it is strictly forbidden to advertise the tobacco products in public places.

Entrepreneurs looking to thrive in China’s large tobacco industry and open a company in this sense can get in touch with our company incorporation specialists in China for support and assistance at the time of business registration.

Short facts about the tobacco industry in China

China is a large tobacco leaf producer on an international scale, and therefore a huge cigarette manufacturer that serves countries worldwide. There are numerous cigarette enterprises for which the raw material is provided by the local growers. Even though the government struggles to implement a series of actions and law to grow the awareness on health side effects, the productivity in the tobacco industry continues to achieve large numbers and produce huge revenues.

Feel free to contact our team of company incorporation representatives in China if you want to sell tobacco in China or if you want to register a business in this country.