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Set up a Chinese Foundation

Set up a Chinese Foundation

NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in China are mostly seen in the education field, science, IT, healthcare or are established for environmental protection purposes but not limited to these. According to the Charity Law and Overseas NGO Law, a foundation can run under the rules of ROs (representative offices in China) and are subject to varied governmental incentives, particularly for tax matters. We invite you to talk to our team of company formation specialists in China and solicit support and information about how you can set up a Chinese foundation.

What are the criteria for founding a charity in China?

A foundation in China can be established in respect to a series of regulations mentioned by the Charity Law, such as:

  • a foundation needs to offer strong details about the objectives and the business scope of the entity;
  • in the case of litigation, the NGO is liable for damage payments;
  • a charity needs to be settled for at least 2 years in order to register the RO in China;
  • the foundation in China will be considered a legal entity in the country of origins.

If your NGO meets the above-cited criteria, the Overseas NGO Administration Office which is part of the Public Security Department of the Provincial People’s Government in China will deal with the paperwork and the applications in this matter. This institution will determine whether your foundation may activate in China or not.

Do I need a bank account for my NGO in China?

Yes, if your application for setting up a Chinese foundation has been approved, you may open a bank account, apply for a tax registration number and a seal. We mention that a power of attorney is necessary for opening the RO in China under which your foundation will activate.

If you would like to start a business in China or if you want to set up a foundation in China, please feel free to talk to our company formation representatives.

What other documents do I need for opening an NGO in China?

Foreign charity organizations who decide for NGOs in China must provide articles of association and proof that they have been running for at least two years in the country of origin. A statement of a clear criminal record of the representative of the NGO needs to be considered at the time you wish to register the charity. All the documents need to be notarized to a public notary in China.

Those who want to set up a company in China have specialized help provided by our local specialists. In this regard, it is recommended to appoint a representative and open a local bank account. Moreover, you must consider the accounting legislation and align yourself with it before starting your company’s activities. Therefore, contact us as soon as you decide on a business in this country.

Feel free to contact our company incorporation specialists in China and ask about how you can set up a Chinese foundation. We can also help you open a WFOE in China.