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Tianjin Coastal Development Area

Tianjin Coastal Development Area

The Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade established Tianjin Coastal Development Area in 1984 and it represents a significant business destination for international investors who are interested in establishing their operations in this part of China. We invite you to get in touch with our team of company formation representatives in China and solicit detailed information about how you can start a business in Tianjin Coastal Development Area.

What you need to know about Tianjin Coastal Development Area

Tianjin Coastal Development Area is considered the most prolific one and the leading investment hub in China. Being among the first special economic zones meant to serve the business investments through varied advantages, Tianjin Coastal Development Area has residential urban areas, business offices and buildings, a huge port with international connections and an extremely well-developed infrastructure which ease the import and export activities. Here are a few facts to consider about Tianjin Coastal Development Area:

  1. The local infrastructure is sustained in a continuous manner by foreign investments.
  2. Large corporations have established the business presence in Tianjin Coastal Development Area for several tax advantages among other things.
  3. The connection to Europe and other Asian countries sustains the business connection with Tianjin.
  4. There are more than 56 prestigious colleges in Tianjin.
  5. There are more that 150 research and development companies in Tianjin.
  6. The railway system in Tianjin Coastal Development Area withstands the import and export activities in a large percent.
  7. Businesses in Tianjin Coastal Development Area can be established by foreign investors with complete support provided by our team of company formation representatives in China.

How do I open a WFOE in Tianjin Coastal Development Area?

It is quite easy to set up a wholly foreign-owned enterprise in Tianjin Coastal Development Area and it represents a suitable business entity for international investors who want complete ownership in the firm. The following matters must be considered when establishing a WFOE in China:

  • The incorporation of a WFOE starts with the Chinese Trade Register.
  • The business licenses and permits need to be obtained at the time the firm is registered.
  • As a mandatory request, the feasibility report needs to be provided to the registration authorities.
  • The minimum share capital of CNY 30,000 needs to be deposited in a Chinese bank account.
  • The registration for tax purposes is made once the WFOE is incorporated and the certificate of registration issued.

Looking for investments in Tianjin Coastal Development Area and want support in this matter? Let us remind you that our company formation specialists in China can assist you throughout the entire registration process in Tianjin.

Special Economic Zones in China

Preferential business policies are provided by the special economic zones in China, including the coastal development areas. These zones are highly industrialized and international entrepreneurs benefit from varied tax incentives. There are numerous enterprises activating in the import and export sector, a major business industry that generates huge profits. The Chinese economy is sustained in a large percent by the special economic zones in China due to the large amount of investments directed in these areas, including in Tianjin Coastal Development Area. Joint stock companies, limited liability companies, joint venture and partnerships are among the entities a foreign entrepreneur can set up in SEZ and coastal development areas in China. The innovation sector in China is quite prolific and appealing to abroad entrepreneurs, alongside the high-tech industry which continues to develop at a fast rate. The trading activities are sustained by innovation and science, plus the highly developed infrastructure, making the Chinese authorities to extend the preferential policies in most of the special economic zones in China. In this matter, numerous custom duties and taxes have been eliminated. In addition, it is quite simple to open a company in SEZ due to the lack of harsh formalities and the existence of the one-stop-shop system that help foreigners rapidly register their business on the Chinese market. Moreover, a team of company formation representatives in China can be the ideal choice for foreigners who would rather skip the incorporation bureaucracies.

If you need a representative agent for your firm in China and if you want to open a company in Tianjin Coastal Development Area, feel free to give us a call and solicit complete information.