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Tianjin Free Zone

Tianjin Free Zone

Tianjin Free Zone is the only economic zone found in the northern part of China and it was established in 2006. This zone covers Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone, Tianjin Airport Economic Area, and the newly established Binhai New Area Central Business District. We invite you to ask information about how you can register a company in China from our team of company formation specialists in China who can also explain you the requirements for establishing a business in Tianjin Free Zone

The business scope of Tianjin Free Trade Zone

The General Office of Tianjin People’s Municipal Government is the institution that supervises the activities of companies in Tianjin Free Trade Zone. This special area provides the possibility of establishing companies that can develop trading activities involving countries worldwide. Multi-national companies can easily set up their operations by opening a WFOE in China (sometimes incorrectly WOFE), the specific business structure that addresses to foreign entrepreneurs. If you would like to skip the formalities of opening a company in Tianjin Free Zone and avoid any possible misunderstandings in terms of language, we invite you to get in touch with our agents and solicit complete support.

What kind of activities are permitted in Tianjin Free Trade Zone?

There are varied types of activities that can be established in Tianjin Free Trade Zone, and here are a few of them:

  • foreign companies activating in the logistics and warehousing sector in Tianjin;
  • import and export companies can be established in Tianjin Free Zone;
  • companies from abroad involved in distribution can set up the operations in Tianjin;
  • manufacturing companies are allowed to run the activities in Tianjin.

In terms of bureaus and committees surveilling the activities in this free zone, Tianjin Commission of Commerce, Tianjin Bureau of Finance, Tianjin Commission of Transportation, Tianjin Bureau of Inspections and Tianjin Customs are the most relevant. We kindly recommend you ask for comprehensive support and information if you would like to start a business in China, and especially in Tianjin Free Zone. Let us handle the company formation in China and all the registration steps, in order for you to concentrate on your future business and operations.

Rules and regulations in Tianjin Free Zone

There are specific rules and conditions for international companies willing to set up the operations in Tianjin Free Zone. Many of them concern the business and the activities of an enterprise in this zone. For instance, all products shipped outside this park are considered exported goods for which an entry customs clearance is needed. Processing and selecting goods, putting trademark tags and packaging are allowed in Tianjin Free Zone. It is good to know that inspections and quarantines are mandatory, no matter if the products are received or if they take the international road, and especially for food products.

Taxes in Tianjin Free Zone

Companies with establishments in Tianjin Free Zone are exempt from taxation of materials and equipment part of the production in the company. The same thing is available for packing materials, logistics and distribution in the company. However, enterprises need to align with the tax requirements and the applicable legislation to the activities involved in this park. Non-trade payments involving foreign exchange are subject to specific taxes and fees.

The duties of the administrative management in Tianjin

The daily management of Tianjin Free Zone concerns the Administrative Committee of Tianjin Port Free Zone. All the operation controls and any other administrative affairs enter in the above-mentioned jurisdiction, with the help of several departments that provide the needed support, services and approvals for companies with establishments in this trade zone. We remind that our company formation agents in China are at the disposal of foreign entrepreneurs interested in opening a WFOE in China and especially in Tianjin Free Zone.

How can I set up a WFOE in China?

A WFOE can be established in China without harsh formalities and respecting several rules and regulations, mostly related to the needed documents and the varied approvals. Deciding on the name of the business, the activities and appointing the board of directors are among the conditions of a WFOE setup in China. One should know that China WFOE formation is a simple process, and a mandatory condition is to provide the minimum share capital of CNY 30,000 in a local bank account.

Please feel free to contact our team of company incorporation specialists in China and find out more about how you can open a company in Tianjin Free Zone.