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Workforce in China

Workforce in China

China promotes flexibility in the labor market for many years, and the authorities continue to improve the legislation in this sense. More than that, the workforce in China is sustained by highly skilled employees who can be found in large companies, whether state-owned or established with foreign capital. If you would like to set up a WFOE in China and hire a local workforce, you can get in touch with our team of company formation agents in China

The attributes of the labor market in China

Having an economy strongly sustained by the industrial sectors, the Chinese workforce increased noticeably in this direction. Qualified personnel can be found in urban areas in China. Cities like BeijingGuangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, or Tianjin offer highly educated and experienced workforce which can be found in numerous large companies, whether foreign-owned or not. It is good to know that China has a respected and appreciated education system, with many colleges and universities from which more than 6 million students are graduating each year. 

Are there any language skills?

The Chinese workforce has knowledge of different languages, like English, French, Spanish, or Portuguese. It is important to know that there are numerous Chinese students who attend international colleges and then decide to work in their home country.

Your company in China can benefit from a highly skilled workforce and you can take into consideration the available Chinese workers on the market. If you are looking for more information in this sense, our Chinese company formation specialists are at your disposal. They can also guide foreigners in opening a company in China.

Which are the top industries with a local workforce in China?

IT, automotive, tourism, agriculture, energy and engineering, public services, and telecommunications are the main sectors of high importance where the Chinese skilled workforce is found. There is a trend observed in China’s labor force, and it is related to the growing skilled population, in contrast to the elderly society which was seen as a major problem in recent years. The authorities continue to sustain the investments in education and in the quality of the workforce for future industrial attractiveness and local economic growth.

Looking for a business in China? Our local agents can help foreign investors to open WFOE in China. Thus, this structure, known as Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise, is advantageous and is the most popular at the moment, with entrepreneurs from overseas being able to develop their activities quickly and safely. You will need a bank account as well as a business license in China. So, contact our team of company formation agents and discover the services offered.

Our team of company incorporation consultants in China can help foreigners set up a company in China and guide them throughout the entire procedure, including the one linked to the workforce in China. Please feel free to contact us for complete assistance.