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Zhanjiang Coastal Development Area

Zhanjiang Coastal Development Area

Lianjiang, Wuchuan, Chikan, Potou, Suixi County, Mazhang, Leizhou, Xuwen and Xiashan are part of Zhanjiang Coastal Development Area, one of the preferred business destinations of international investors in China. Opening a company in Zhanjiang Coastal Development Area solicits your complete attention, even if there are no complicated formalities. In this matter, you can talk to one of our company formation specialists in China and ask for support and assistance throughout the entire registration process.

Short facts about Zhanjiang Coastal Development Area

The port of Zhanjiang is one of the most important sea exits in China and the entrance of numerous goods outside China. There are numerous trading companies registered in Zhanjiang Coastal Development Area and foreign investors can decide on opening a WFOE in China (sometimes incorrectly WOFE) following a few easy steps:

  1. The minimum share capital for opening a WFOE in China is RMB 30,000 and needs to be deposited in a local bank account.
  2. You must apply for special licenses and permits, depending on your activities in China.
  3. A company representative needs to be appointed for your business in Zhanjiang.
  4. A feasibility study report is needed for opening a WFOE in China.
  5. An import and export trading license is needed for trading companies in China.
  6. The registration certificate of the company is issued by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of People’s Republic of China.

All the formalities for opening a WFOE in China can be dealt by our team of company formation specialists in China, so feel free to ask for immediate support. Your company in Zhanjiang Coastal Development Area can start the operations in a fast manner if you let our team handle all the registration requirements.

What type of business can I open in Zhanjiang Coastal Development Area?

Domestic and international investors can develop all sorts of businesses in Zhanjiang Coastal Development Area, as long as there aren’t restricted activities. Logistics and transportation companies, trading firms, manufacturing companies, family farms, tourism agencies, IT and communication companies, construction firms, hotels and restaurants are among the choices of entrepreneurs wanting a great business start in Zhanjiang, and looking for large profits in this part of China. Being a big port in China and having more than 7 million inhabitants, Zhanjiang is the ideal option for import and export companies with international business collaborations. If you would like to start a business in Zhanjiang, do not hesitate to ask for the support of our company formation representatives in China and find out the major steps in company formation in China.

The port of Zhanjiang

Found in the southern part of China, the port of Zhanjiang was inaugurated in 1956 and it was the first modern city-port of the country, with an annual quantity of approximately 2,600 million tons. The development of the steel industry is strongly related to the port services and facilities of Zhanjiang, being the 8th most important harbor in China. Large petroleum companies have establishments in the port of Zhanjiang, serving to a large number of companies and final consumers in the country. 

Zhanjiang and future regional developments

The Chinese authorities decided to modernize even more the coastal area of Zhanjiang by connecting the surrounding areas with the districts involved in the Belt and Road Initiative. The target is to become a pioneer in the maritime economy of China with the help of new free trade zones and upgraded railways, seaports, highways and airports. The New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor is on the list of future constructions meant to connect Zhanjiang with the western part of China and ease the business trade for international players. About USD 6.9 billion represent the investments of the government of Zhanjiang for the above-mentioned plans that include different port facilities and a cruise ship terminal. Below you can find some important information about the business direction in China, including in Zhanjiang:

  • by the end of October 2018, the foreign investments in China reached around USD 108 billion;•
  • by the end of October 2018, there were approximately 3700 WFOEs established in China;
  • USD 3.02 billion represent the investments made by USA in China (January-October 2018);
  • the total volume of imports and exports in China for the first 4 months of 2019 was around $1400 billion;

Opening a company in Zhanjiang Coastal Development Area can be supervised by our team of company formation agents in China, so please feel free to get in touch with us.