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Set up a Catering Company in China

Set up a Catering Company in China

A catering company can be an ideal business for entrepreneurs who want to enter the food & beverage sector in China and enjoy many financial advantages. The registration process of a catering business in China is not complex, however, the support of a company formation agent in China can be extremely helpful, particularly for foreign entrepreneurs who are not familiar with the applicable regulations.

Steps in forming a catering company in China

The Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise or WFOE in China can be the ideal business structure for opening a catering company and that because foreigners can have complete control in the firm. The registration of a WFOE in China is not complicated but one should pay attention to a few important requirements, such as:

  1. The registration of the company starts with a name verification and reservation.
  2. The Articles of Incorporation must have information about the owners, the representative of the firm, business address, activities, etc.
  3. CNY 30,000 represents the minimum share capital for starting a WFOE in China.
  4. It is mandatory to register the business for tax purposes and social contributions in China.
  5. Once the business ins registered, one must obtain the food safety authorization and pass the sanitary control.

One of our company formation specialists in China can represent your company in China and can also deal with the registration formalities and the authorities in charge. You can request our help and let us take care of the entire registration process of your catering company in China.

What services can I offer through a catering company?

Catering companies are extremely present in China and even though the sector is flourishing, there is enough room for new businesses of this kind. A catering company can serve in communities, to public schools, hospitals, social care centers, public and private clinics. Other catering firms can serve to special events, weddings, conferences, and can offer not only local cuisine but also international menus. Such services can have the support of the internet and can address a particular type of customer. In most cases, the core business is normally established at the time the business owners agree on the activities of the future firm. 

If you are interested in setting up a catering company in China, we recommend you talk to one of our company formation representatives in China and ask for their support.

What are the needed licenses and approvals for a catering company in China?

Catering firms in China cannot run the activities without special approvals issued by the Environmental Protection Bureau. Also, the Food Distribution License and the Food Production License are needed for producing and selling food products on the market. The Ministry of Commerce will then verify the business if it has all the necessary certificates and approvals before it starts the activities. Finally, the China Food and Drug Administration ensures that the production of food is made in correct and excellent standards. All the details about how to obtain the necessary licenses and permits for a catering company in China can be explained by our consultants.

Short steps for opening a catering company in China

The formation of a catering company in China might be a little complicated because of the safety requirements involved, however, the business can be active quite fast. The following steps show the main stages for starting a catering business in China:

  1. Choose the business name and the business entity – company owners need to pay attention to these requirements.
  2. Create a business plan – the future activities and the purposes of a catering company need to be established.
  3. Incorporate the catering company – the registration of the business can be handled by one of our consultants.
  4. Obtain the needed licenses – a catering company in China must have all the needed food licenses and other approvals.
  5. Offers and pricing – once the business is approved, one must determine the services and the prices.
  6. Hire staff – employees with special qualifications must be hired for your catering company.
  7. Start advertising the business – a good marketing plan will prove extremely helpful right from the start.

Below you have some details and facts about the economy in China:

  • there were more than 60,000 opened by international investors in China in 2018;
  • China ranks 46th out of 190 worldwide economies, as stated by the World Bank report for 2018;
  • around 1,627,000 million was the total FDI stock of China in 2018;
  • more than 800 greenfield investments have been made in 2018 in China.

Those who want to open a catering company in China can contact our company formation agents in China.