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Set up a Recruitment Company in China

Set up a Recruitment Company in China

Recruitment agencies in China can help companies find the right staff for their firm, in a market which is in a continuous development and which needs qualified workers in any sector. The registration of a recruitment company in China observes the rules and conditions of WFOEs (wholly foreign-owned enterprises) in China which address to foreign business persons in this country. We invite you to take a look at the main requirements imposed for such business and then get in touch with our team of company formation specialists in China for complete information.

What are the conditions for opening a recruitment company in China?

A recruitment agency in China is subject to several requirements for which you can receive assistance from our team of advisors. It is suggested to consider the following matters when setting up this kind of business:

  • a recruitment license issued by the Administration for Industry and Commerce in China is necessary;
  • a physical business address is necessary when registering the recruitment agency in China;
  • a legal representative is mandatory for your firm in China;
  • a recruitment agency will perform services for which they need to pay the taxes in China.

Foreigners have two ways of establishing a recruitment agency in China. They can set up branches or they can register a company from scratch. Also, they can purchase shelf companies and avoid the incorporation procedure but bear in mind that a license is mandatory. Our advisors can offer complete assistance if you want to open a WFOE in China.

The services of a recruitment agency in China

A recruitment company in China can be at the disposal of other enterprises in search of the suitable staff for their free positions. An online platform offers complete access to possible applicants and to their resumes from which they can choose in agreement with their requirements, expectations, etc. Also, a recruitment agency can settle interviews with the chosen candidates before getting in touch with a representative of the firm looking for staff. Most of the recruitment companies have certain fees for such kind of services.

Who can open a recruitment company in China?

Everyone interested in generating money from the qualified workforce in China and benefit from the fast growth of the businesses in this country can consider opening a recruitment agency. We invite you to contact our Chinese team of company incorporation agents and find out more details about how to start a business in China, including a recruitment company.