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Why is China an Attractive Country for Foreign Investors?

Why is China an Attractive Country for Foreign Investors?

China represents a powerful market with openings worldwide. Without a doubt, placing the investments in one of the generous industries in the country can provide successful and profitable if we consider the consistent and the fast development of the economy. Among the reasons why China is attractive for foreign investors, the labor costs play a solid role. Having an idea about the significant sectors where investments proved effective in time can be the proper starting point for entrepreneurs who want to open companies in China. We mention that our company formation specialists in China can offer in-depth support and guidelines for foreign investors who are interested in starting businesses in China.

The attributes of the business sector in China

A dynamic economy, a full potential for development, a large and stable market, business connections worldwide and low labor costs are the most important attributes to consider when deciding for business in China. Entrepreneurs can easily set up companies in China, and the WFOE (Wholly-Foreign Owned Enterprise) is the most popular business structure which can meet the needs of the owner and the requirements on the market.

Taking advantage of the free trade zones in China

Just like many other countries which sustain the foreign investments through varied encouragements, China adopted the same method, meaning that foreigners can benefit from the advantages of the free trade zones available. Registering a company in China’s free trade zones and developing the operations come with several tax exemptions, many of them stipulated in the agreed double taxation treaties. More than that, the government offers a relaxed business environment linked to the foreign currencies which can be traded without any taxes.

Betting on highly skilled and proficient workforce in China

As it is known, the workforce in China is made of highly educated people. Language skills, education, and experience can be met on the labor market in China, as there are numerous nationals who attend and graduate important colleges in the country and abroad. Chinese business partners are reliable and ready to collaborate with overseas investors in any field of interest. Likewise, foreign entrepreneurs can choose the Chinese workforce for low costs, especially at the beginning of the business.

If you want to know more about the main reasons for investing in China and about the company formation in China, please do not hesitate to contact our team of company incorporation agents in China.